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After two years and nearly ten thousand free downloads, I've decided to raise the price to $2.99.

There's a new edition and a new cover. And, for the first time, the ebook is available at Amazon and B&N.

The official release date of the Book View Cafe edition is May 3rd, but you can buy the book now at the Amazon Kindle stores in the US and UK.


Graham Smith is a 33 year old office messenger. To the outside world he's an obsessive compulsive mute - weird but harmless. But to Graham Smith, it's the world that's weird. And far from harmless. He sees things other can't...or won't. He knows that roads can change course, people disappear, office blocks migrate across town - all at night when no one's looking.

Only by following a rigid routine can he lessen these effects. If he walks the same route to work every morning and catches the same train, and keeps himself to himself, then there’s a good chance his house will still be where he left it when he returns home in the evening.

Then he meets Annalise Mercado.

Annalise Mercado hears voices. Sometimes she thinks they're spirit guides, sometimes she thinks she's crazy. But then they start telling her about Graham Smith, the danger he's in and how only she can save him. So begins the story of two people whose lives appear fragmented across alternate realities. And how, together, they hold the key to the future of a billion planets...

"Resonance is a tremendously accomplished book ... and immediately raises Dolley into the ranks of writers to watch. It's a head-over-heels romp through ever-changing realities, crammed with great set-pieces, excellent hooks and some nice one-liners."  Keith Brooke, Infinity Plus

"This is one of the most original new science fiction books I have ever read. In fact, as an inspired new take on a familiar SF idea it's original enough to stand comparison with "The Time Traveler's Wife" or "Memoirs of an Invisible Man. If it is as big a hit as it deserves, it may well be this book which becomes the standard by which SF stories about ... are judged."  Marshall Lord

"I have read a lot of science fiction and have gone through tons of plots, so when I find one that is unique I certainly take notice. Resonance is one of those books that have it all. Interesting plot with plenty of mysteries and twists, characters you care about, and solid writing that strings it all together."  Jeffrey Miller

"Looking for something original?  I haven’t read anything like this before!  RESONANCE is cool, cutting-edge science fiction ... Highly recommended."  KC Heath, Yet Another Book Review

"I loved Resonance ... the writing is clever, the concepts are ingenious, and the characterizations are first class." Jerry Wright, Bewildering Stories

 "The last few years have seen a nice spate of fiction books with autistic or semi-autistic main characters ... This one started out making me think it was another of this sort, but then it blossomed off in its own fine direction and did things I wasn't expecting at all. Read other folks' reviews if you want spoilers, but I say: just get it and read it," Michael H. Payne, SFWA Book Reviews

"...you get carried along thinking the story is going one way and off it veers in another direction. I don't know about you but I like being surprised by a story. I enjoy having an author keep me interested in the story and caring about the characters. Dolley does a great job of pulling all the elements together to keep you reading. Highly recommended. " Gayle Surrette, SFRevu

"An exceptional first novel." Robert M. Tilendis, Rambles  

"RESONANCE is outstanding, creating unique, believable protagonists and compelling readers to follow along in an outstanding adventure." Midwest Book Review