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ImageAn eleven dimensional thriller with a detective who has to get into the mind of a killer - the hard way

Astronaut John Bruce was the first man to pilot a space craft through higher dimensional space. Two years after his triumphant return a second John Bruce appears - as a new personality of Peter Pendennis, an imprisoned serial killer with multiple personalities. At first doctors are sceptical, then he asks to see Louise Callander, the astronaut's former girlfriend, and reveals things only the real John Bruce could know.

Astropsychologist Nick Stubbs is called in to investigate. According to the latest theories the mind doesn't just inhabit the physical three-dimensional world. It projects into the higher dimensions and if Bruce's brain had been inadequately shielded when he'd entered higher dimensional space...

Then the killing starts. Someone using Pendennis's modus operandi is leaving body parts scattered in places where Nick has been. With Pendennis in prison Nick becomes the prime suspect. Soon, he and Louise are on the run but how can they escape a killer unbound by any restraints of space and time? As events escalate and the body count rises, Nick realises the answer lies in higher dimensional space and, somehow, he has to get there.

And there's an added problem. Astronaut John Bruce just happens to be running for President.

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"SHIFT is a great science fiction mystery that will have the audience wondering who the killer is. The story line is fast-paced but brilliantly driven by the strong cast ... Chris Dolley mesmerizes his audience." Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds

"Shift is an exciting and shocking futuristic thriller. The characters are original, and the imagery pulls you in. Incorporating heart-pounding suspense and an inventive twist of science fiction, I enjoyed this story even more than Dolley’s Resonance. This is another author I’ll definitely be watching." SciFiChick

"I think I somehow missed reading Dolley's first novel, Resonance, when it appeared a couple of years ago.  It's an oversight that I plan to correct in the near future because his second is a very accomplished, intricate, and entertaining novel. There's lots of neat stuff in this, and the plot is clever and full of surprises. It's first class writing from someone whose name will, I predict, be much better known before long." Don D'Ammassa, Critical Mass